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In response to many inquiries from readers of the Digest and users of the Telecom Archives this cross-reference has been established so that you can more easily link with sites having telecom-related material. Share what you know with others; LEARN the things you don't know!

Connect With These Informative Telecom Sites: Information Should be Free!

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  • Aljon Enterprises A huge list of telecom news links.
  • Area Code Insanity Linc Madison tries to make sense of it all.
  • Area Code Madness Eric Morson and John Cropper also try to keep up with it.
  • At the Tone the Time Will Be ... (Requires Real Player).
  • Atlantic Sentinel Newfoundland's role in the Trans-Atlantic cable. Excellent history.
  • Auditel, Inc Experienced auditors of phone billings, tariffs, etc.
  • Australian Telecom Stewart Fist's reports from Australia.
  • Bellcore Their document ordering site.
  • Links to web sites of all former Bell System (AT&T) companies; more.
  • Canadian Report Weekly Bulletin of Canadian Telecom News.
  • Delphi Communication System World leader in embedded software and hardware designs for wireless applications.
  • Digital Wireless The Digital Wireless Communications Forum.
  • Real Time Directory Assistance, 65 cents for one or two inquiries.
  • Grave of Elisha Gray Don Parrish's site on an alternative telephone inventor.
  • Federal Communications Commission Government web site.
  • Fone Find Now you can match an unknown area code and prefix to a specific city.
  • Get The Phone Revolution Engineering's contribution to telecom knowledge.
  • GSM Operators GSM reference list.
  • George Gilder! A look at the Discovery Institute.(See Gilder's website here.)
  • Ham Radio Operators: Own a Domain Name Fred Atkinson Explains How it is Done
  • ICSTIS UK Standards of Telephone Information Services.
  • ISDN Tutorial by Ralph Becker.
  • Indian Techonomist News Archives of Rishab Aiyer Ghosh news reports from India.
  • International Telecommunication Union Telecom's international standards authority in Geneva.
  • Internet Historical Society A look at the Internet for the past thirty years.
  • Joe Machado's Telecom Files Stuff worth checking out.
  • Lockheed-Martin NANPA Officially, the last word on who goes where, areacode-wise.
  • Long Distance Digest Van Hefner's News on the Long Distance Industry.
  • International Calling Cards A very useful and inexpensive way to make international calls.
  • Mike Sandman The Internet's Telecom Man! Check out his great online catalog here.
  • Modem FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about modems.
  • Modem Testing Approved test procedures for modems. (Steve Satchell)
  • National Emergency Number Assn An ongoing reference for discussions about 911 service.
  • New Paradigm Resources Index to web sites operated by IXCs, CLECs, Telcos, others.
  • Other Links by Linc A massive collection of sites to visit I could not begin to name.
  • P.G.P. Pretty Good Privacy/Network Security (Fred Atkinson)
  • Phone Booth Lots of good telecom links (David Leibold)
  • Phone History How it all began & antique phone collectors. (Chuck Eby)
  • Phone Phreaks A look at a largely 'underground' culture relating to telephony.
  • Phreak and Telebuse Abatement People like Ed Shuck make life difficult for phreaks.
  • Price Check Comparison Shopping is Smart Shopping!
  • Rob Slade and his work The man who writes the book reviews for the net.
  • Steve Goodman Another good collection of telecom files.
  • Strowger Switch! (and more) Check out this *great* telecom historical site.
  • Stuff Software Telecom Database Software.
  • Subnetting Tutorial by Ralph Becker
  • Survival Kit Getting started in telecom (Roy McCrory)
  • Sweden Telecom A look at telephones in Sweden (Sam Spens Clasen)
  • Telecom Info Resources on the Net Index of thousands of telecom web pages. *HUGE*
  • Telephone Collectors Intl Antique phones; great links; more
  • Telephone Directories on the Web (Robert Hoare)
  • ICB Tollfree News Judith Oppenheimer, the net's 800 expert has a great mailing list for you.
  • Telecom Guru - RFP Software These things don't require rocket science!
  • Al Younker and some fellow telcom engineers give assistance for a small fee.
  • UK-Telecom How UK phone calls are charged (Clive Feather)
  • UK-Telecom Residential service in Great Britain.
  • UK-Telecom UK Office of Telecommunications.
  • Westbay Forum An ongoing discussion forum for telecom engineers.
  • Westbay White Papers White papers offering support to telecom engineers.

    To list your telecom-related pages here, please contact me.

    I hope this cross-reference guide is of assistance in your telecom-related research. This guide is compilation copyrighted by TELECOM Digest, 1997-99.


    Patrick Townson
    Editor, TELECOM Digest

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