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A Message From Operator Pat:
This free, anonymous web-surfing service is provided for users of TELECOM Digest and Telecom Archives as a way to do some serious net surfing while remaining anonymous. Operator Pat will help you be anonymous in your net surfing, by routing your 'call' through various proxy servers along the way. See details below about how it works, or experienced netizens can start surfing now!

Click as shown to send an anonymous single email letter or Usenet newsgroup posting.

If you need an anonymous web surfing tool regularly
you may wish to simply bookmark this page to access it easily.
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Enter your starting URL below, for example:

First, make sure you understand how anonymous web page servers work, what they do and what they cannot do by reading carefully below. Use an anonymous email address for an extra layer of privacy if desired. Operator Pat cannot be responsible and will not be held liable for any unintended consequences as a result of your improper or illegal use of this service. Do NOT download images or files which are illegal to possess in the place from which you are calling!

Remember how telephone company 'loop-arounds' used to work to hide your identity and confuse things? Well, Operator Pat can help you do the same thing when surfing the net. Enter a URL and click the 'connect my call' button. Operator Pat will connect you through a few proxies she has strung together, making you anonymous as you surf. Subsequent links will be automatically serviced by Operator Pat. You will remain connected to the net via Operator Pat until you specifically return to this page and close it, or manually adjust the URL shown in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Operator Pat will strip all identifying variables from the data which is sent from your computer to the sites you visit. This service also strips those obnoxious popup windows that places like Geocities use in many cases, but some may slip through; results with that are unpredictable. In any event, they will never find out who you are!

Before you begin *serious* surfing:

First try Operator Pat on a site where you have access to the logs. See how well she does in keeping your identity hidden in cases where you know what the answers should be. We want YOU to be comfortable and know that there will be no hassles for yourself. Be sure to read the important notice below about things that make it difficult for Operator Pat to protect your privacy. Pick up an anonymous mailbox at our post office to have handy for use at those snoopy commercial sites which require you to register or ask all sorts of questions which are none of their business. Then, enjoy surfing with Operator Pat.

Note: This can only be used for http, it does not work for java, nor does it work for links that are hard coded to the root path. You will be warned before entering anything that may make you non-anonymous. It is also recommended that you shut off javascript while surfing as it may pose a threat to your anonymity with the use of redirectors. Also note that looping this (ie. sending it thru itself) does nothing but lengthen the url, the script ignores loops to itself.

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